As members of Romans Road, we hereby acknowledge that our participation has established and elevated our position from church lay-member to that of music minister.

      Having been inducted into this position by the will of God, we recognize the significance of our appointed spiritual leadership and communal responsibility both as a servant to His church and ambassador to the surrounding community.


As a Christian rock band from Philadelphia, Romans Road is using their passion to bring glory to His Word. Pulling from their own trials and experiences, their music is a personal testimony as to how the Lord has changed their lives.

Their music is a mixture of Blues, Jazz, Fusion, with hints of reggae, but has a very rock oriented edge that is best described as eclectic. When worshiping together Romans Road is the result. Each member has come from a different walk in life, but by God's perfect plan met on the same road with the cross as their focus. Their love for God, each other, and music, has called them to use their gifts to bring the message of Jesus to every part of the world. Will you open up your heart and let the light inside? These 4 guys from Philly are proof that our Lord knows how to rock!

Fans of Kutless, Pillar and Third Day will find a lot to like with Romans Road. Even those who are not fans of Christian rock should give them a listen. This rock band is redefining the genre, and making great new friends along the way.


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