An important message to our supporters and partners 

Hello brother's and sister's in Christ.
This is John Simons from Romans Road and the President of Coalition to Save Lives. I'm sure by now, everyone has seen the post and videos about The Save A life Tour kicking off for 2016. Last year, because of all of you and your generous support, the Save A Life Tour impacted many lives and helped many people. It was through a combined effort of not only your giving, but the giving of time that all the volunteers helped with.  
                             So now we are fundraising again and asking for volunteers. My personal stance on giving is that any monies given for the Lord to use is Tithing. The questions you must ask yourselves, is the Save A Life Tour something you believe in and if so, are you willing to give to this ministry so that the tour can happen. As the Christian body comes together in support of this ministry we are working together as one, we are all reaching the broken and the lost in each of these intercities. 
                          We are now one month away from our first event which is taking place in Virginia. We need $1,000 raised within a months time (March 28th) in order to take this ministry to Virginia. I know and trust that God will speak to some of you to help make this happen. We aren't asking for one person to donate $1,000 but if all of you would consider giving $10, or $20, or $50, we can reach that goal. We appreciate your love and your prayers and support since Romans Road ministry has been in existence as well as the Coalition to Save Lives. If you are and have been blessed by our ministry through our daily devotionals posted or our music and this tour, then please consider supporting the ministry and Tour. We currently have $50.00 of the $1000 budgeted for the first stop of this tour.  

To find out more about the Coalition To Save Lives and The Save A Life Tour or to DONATE go to  

Thank you and God Bless, 
John Simons  
President - Coalition To save Lives 
Co-founder Romans Road Ministry  


It's 2016, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's do a recap 

Looking back at 2015 I am amazed at all that the Lord has accomplished with with the Save A Life Tour (S.A.L.T.)
Six different inner city locations were impacted with the love of Jesus and the fellow servants that fed and ministered to several thousand people. 65 people gave their lives to Christ or recommitted and several thousand were fed physically and spiritually throughout the year. One man was on his way to commit suicide but had heard the music at our Reading location and was redirected by God. He showed up during the Alter call and accepted Jesus right there at that moment. This gave a new meaning to all of us to what the Save A Life Tour was about.
The Lord had provided us with everything financially that we needed to pull this off through wonderful people who supported and believed in the Save A Life Tour and donated. He also provided the open doors to each individual city as well as the discipling church at each location to work with us through prayer and support. There were many people who came out just to serve food or hand out clothing as well as pray or witness to individuals that showed up. What an amazing Movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the year.
Through these different events Romans Road and P.U.M.P.  were able to sit down at the table with like minded individuals such as Headstone 118, Michael Kingsley and Bonnie Gardner to form what is now officially called The Coalition To Save A Life Organization which is awaiting our official 501C3 status. The Coalition is going to be a non-profit organization which will not only continue to serve the inner cities but will be helping to sponsor children from The Bulamu Children's Village in Uganda Africa. We will also work with families that are dealing with abuse as well as become an umbrella for many other Christian artist that are in need of 501C3 status. The Lord hand picked people for something that had started as a vision in my basement on a late January night and has turned it into something Huge. I am amazed at what has already happened and excited to see what 2016 brings. We have been invited to Virginia to Kick the tour off in April. We are also working with a homeless ministry in Nashville to take the tour there sometime in the summer. We are back in Kensington and Reading in May. We are also trying to locate a church and location in Detroit, Michigan that we can bring the Save A Life Tour to. The Lord is already going ahead of us to work his hand so that the 2016 tour will be more of a SUCCESS with SOULS then last year.

We are now starting the OFFICIAL FUNDRAISER for Save A Life Tour 2016. We are also looking for monthly partners that will stand with our Ministry but also believe in the mission that the Lord has handed us. Each member of the Coalition To Save A Life believes that we were picked for this and that we will be sent into the front lines of battle with the enemy for souls. We believe that this is what we were called to do. We need your support, and any dollar amount will surely be used to grow the harvest of souls. We decided not to use GoFundMe anymore to raise money due to the fact that they take a large amount from total raised.
We will use our official PAYPAL BUSINESS account that you can access through or Just click on the donate button and follow the instructions. If you want to send a check you can contact us through our email and we will let you know where checks should be sent.
Any amount donated will make a difference. We need a revival in the church and in our cities. The Lord has not only called us to be servants on the battlefields but has called the body of Christ  to support his cause. If you feel led to give, then you will be helping with gathering the Harvest.

God Bless each of you in 2016, John Simons 

A vision, a desire, many precious lives - Bulamu Children's Village 

A few months ago I was friended by someone that lives in Uganda, Africa. This person just wanted a friend and would contact me everyday asking how I was and that he was praying for me. Of course that left me a little skeptical but I responded with the same kind gesture and allowed it to go on for several weeks. Not once did this person ever ask for anything. After a few weeks had gone by I then decided to ask him where he was from. This is when he revealed to me he was from Africa. I have always had a heart for Africa and hope one day to serve there. I explained to him that I was part of Romans Road and we were a music ministry. He explained to me that he was part of an Christian orphanage in Uganda that helps children get out of dire situations. These children are left on the streets with no parents and are sold into sex trafficking, murdered or raped. Each child needs to be sponsored to get into a safe environment, and receive an education from 2nd grade through college. Sponsorship is just $50 a month which equals $600 a year per child. I also found out that this young man I was speaking with happened to be an orphan who was now working as a leader in the orphanage. 
I prayed about this situation for some time because I felt an overwhelming burden to help raise money for sponsorship of these children. There are over 250 still living on the streets and if not sponsored will most likely die. I then presented this VISION to the rest of Romans Road and Positively Uplifting Music productions and we agreed to include the Bulamu Children's Village onto the Save A Life Tour and start raising monies to help these children. We are encouraging anyone who is feeling led to donate or become a sponsor, to check out our Save A Life Tour website or go directly to their website 
We are hoping and praying, if it's the Lord's will to hold a telethon fundraising concert in the near future to try and reach a goal that will cover a large part of the expenses for sponsorship of the children. Continue to check back for updates and PLEASE continue to pray for us and thank you in advance for your support. 

God Bless, John Simons

The Walk 

So as you may all know, It has been a long, hard road for Romans Road and this project. We had decided to throw out the first attempts to record our songs and start over. After completing the first seven songs, Our dear friend John Brasch decided to leave the ministry due to personal things. As we scrambled to find a suitable replacement through auditions, Bam introduced Kimpedro to us. After a few times of rehearsing with him, and auditioning others,we all decided he was the right fit. John set the bar high as a drummer and we needed to not only find a Christian, but a well experienced Christian drummer. Shortly after Kim joined us, Chris decided he had to step down as bass player for similar reasons. At this point we were dealing with recording, getting our new drummer up to speed and finding a bass player as well as preparing for shows. Chris stayed in the background as management and producer of the album as well as web design and other business aspects. THEN.....Bam resigned shortly after Chris had made his announcement and Lonnie was introduced through Kimpedro to fill the bass position. Chris and I had been co-managing the band and handling the studio end and social media posts, but between family, work, the financial strain, rehearsing, recording, performing, and planning shows, by no means do I question anyone for having to step down from ministry. Chris resigned from management and producing completely . Chris and Bam finished all the song recordings and Kimpedro played on the last three songs that needed to have drums recorded.  It is not easy in anyway, and until your ministry is noticed and has a following, you are the one doing all the work. Don't get me wrong, without God being in this and providing us with everything, we wouldn't be here today, You see, we hit those moments of doubt everytime we saw things moving forward and then coming to a road block, or better words, Fork in the road. That's the way we all are, isn't it?  It's very easy to have faith when everything is working out, but as soon as the waters get rough, we doubt like Peter did, and start to sink into the sea. God always provides for his ministry and children, don't ever forget that. We may not understand at first what his plans are, but if we continue to have faith, walk with integrity, and Give It To God, we can't fail. God promises to bless those who walk in his way. So things had changed drastically in our ministry, and I was moved into management,  production of the mixing and editing of the album, and we have become very tight not only as brothers in christ, but as a family. Our practices are called church because we pray, counsel, and sometimes have bible study along with worshiping in music. The music is only a portion of our rehearsals. God has brought together four completely different men, from completely different walks in life, all with the same goal. To use our gifts as an offering back to our God and to tell the world of the wonderful news that we have. We all have walked on different roads and have met on the narrow road, "The Romans Road", with the same goal in front of us, THE CROSS. This is where the album title and the art work came from. All of our songs have been our personal testimonies and our statements that GOD is ALIVE, and GOD is in CONTROL, and most importantly, LOVES EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. Even now that the album is finished, God is still providing for this ministry to pave the path of it's release. God Bless and please pray for his work to be done through us.

John Simons

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