A vision, a desire, many precious lives - Bulamu Children's Village

A few months ago I was friended by someone that lives in Uganda, Africa. This person just wanted a friend and would contact me everyday asking how I was and that he was praying for me. Of course that left me a little skeptical but I responded with the same kind gesture and allowed it to go on for several weeks. Not once did this person ever ask for anything. After a few weeks had gone by I then decided to ask him where he was from. This is when he revealed to me he was from Africa. I have always had a heart for Africa and hope one day to serve there. I explained to him that I was part of Romans Road and we were a music ministry. He explained to me that he was part of an Christian orphanage in Uganda that helps children get out of dire situations. These children are left on the streets with no parents and are sold into sex trafficking, murdered or raped. Each child needs to be sponsored to get into a safe environment, and receive an education from 2nd grade through college. Sponsorship is just $50 a month which equals $600 a year per child. I also found out that this young man I was speaking with happened to be an orphan who was now working as a leader in the orphanage. 
I prayed about this situation for some time because I felt an overwhelming burden to help raise money for sponsorship of these children. There are over 250 still living on the streets and if not sponsored will most likely die. I then presented this VISION to the rest of Romans Road and Positively Uplifting Music productions and we agreed to include the Bulamu Children's Village onto the Save A Life Tour and start raising monies to help these children. We are encouraging anyone who is feeling led to donate or become a sponsor, to check out our Save A Life Tour website www.savealifetour.wix.com/2015 or go directly to their website www.bulamu-uaganda.org. 
We are hoping and praying, if it's the Lord's will to hold a telethon fundraising concert in the near future to try and reach a goal that will cover a large part of the expenses for sponsorship of the children. Continue to check back for updates and PLEASE continue to pray for us and thank you in advance for your support. 

God Bless, John Simons


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