An important message to our supporters and partners

Hello brother's and sister's in Christ.
This is John Simons from Romans Road and the President of Coalition to Save Lives. I'm sure by now, everyone has seen the post and videos about The Save A life Tour kicking off for 2016. Last year, because of all of you and your generous support, the Save A Life Tour impacted many lives and helped many people. It was through a combined effort of not only your giving, but the giving of time that all the volunteers helped with.  
                             So now we are fundraising again and asking for volunteers. My personal stance on giving is that any monies given for the Lord to use is Tithing. The questions you must ask yourselves, is the Save A Life Tour something you believe in and if so, are you willing to give to this ministry so that the tour can happen. As the Christian body comes together in support of this ministry we are working together as one, we are all reaching the broken and the lost in each of these intercities. 
                          We are now one month away from our first event which is taking place in Virginia. We need $1,000 raised within a months time (March 28th) in order to take this ministry to Virginia. I know and trust that God will speak to some of you to help make this happen. We aren't asking for one person to donate $1,000 but if all of you would consider giving $10, or $20, or $50, we can reach that goal. We appreciate your love and your prayers and support since Romans Road ministry has been in existence as well as the Coalition to Save Lives. If you are and have been blessed by our ministry through our daily devotionals posted or our music and this tour, then please consider supporting the ministry and Tour. We currently have $50.00 of the $1000 budgeted for the first stop of this tour.  

To find out more about the Coalition To Save Lives and The Save A Life Tour or to DONATE go to  

Thank you and God Bless, 
John Simons  
President - Coalition To save Lives 
Co-founder Romans Road Ministry  


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